About the Game
Platform: Windows
Build: WPF / C#

Directory is a free, lightweight utility to template project structures and simplify the process of starting new projects, as well as help you stay organised.

July 2017 – July 2017 / 3 Days

Have you ever started a new project and realised that you'll need to use the exact same project structure as something you've done before? I usually end up having to backtrack to the project and start copying over folders, or worse yet, manually creating all of the folders again and again. Whether this is for the source files of a project or your multi-level asset folders, it can be a real pain.

A recent project of mine had a file structure of something like this:

-Root Directory ("Solys")
                 -X Pass
                     -Working Files
                 -X Pass
                     -Working Files
             -X Pass
                 -Working Files
             -v x.x
                 -Diagrams (0)
                 -Week X
         -Promotional Material
                         -Animation Type
                     -Screen Name

That's certainly not something I'd want to create from scratch again, especially not if I need to edit small parts nested deep inside the folders.

Here is a list of the features I'm currently planning to add to the tool:

  • Add files to your hierarchy (example, index.html in your root folder).
  • Create/load file templates to add to the hierarchy.
  • Folded nesting to make for easier hierarchy navigation.
  • Spruce it up a bit! Maybe some sound effects, or nicer art.