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I have a variety of work currently available to see, including AAA work in the industry, freelance projects for clients, projects pursued in my spare time and university projects.

Of course, some projects have fewer details shown due to contractual agreements, and some aren't available to show at all, so please bear that in mind when viewing.

GTAV Doomsday Heist Logo

Grand Theft Auto V

I worked as an Online Tools Designer at Rockstar North. Within this role I worked on both GTA V Online and GTA V Online: The Doomsday Heist. I scripted events and designed content within the game and extended the development tools used within the teams.


Xtreme Drone Racing Micro

Platforms: iOS / Android

Xtreme Drone Racing Micro is an arcade racing game developed for mobile platforms. The game puts emphasis on fast-paced action, with 40 AI competitors and short bursts of gameplay. Defeat your rivals, earn coins and completely customise your drone with over 40 million combinations!

Solys Logo


Platforms: Windows

Solys is a 2D adventure roguelite, taking heavy inspiration from games such as A Link to the Past, Rogue Legacy and Enter the Gungeon. Solys ended as a verticle slice for a tech demo, featuring an event-based cutscene system, melee combat and an equipment system heavily bolstered by a roguelike-inspired random loot system.

Doctor Who: A Nemesis Reborn Logo

Doctor Who: A Nemesis Reborn

Platforms: iOS / Android

A Nemesis Reborn is a four-part interactive comic, developed for mobile platforms, letting you experience a fresh story within the Doctor Who universe. Navigate your way through a compelling tale featuring many of your favourite characters whilst solving puzzles and completing minigames.

Part comic, part game, all fun.

Slime Stars Logo

Slime Stars

Platforms: Browser / Windows

Slime Stars is a very small puzzle-platformer developed in 14 hours for the GDL Quantum Game Jam. Play as a cute slime and jump your way to victory by changing your quantum matter to navigate through jumping puzzles and reach the goal.



Platforms: Windows

Directory is a free, lightweight utility to template project structures and simplify the process of starting new projects, as well as help you stay organised.



Asset Type: Font

BitPotion is a cute 4x7 pixel font available for free for both commercial and non-commercial use under the CC-BY license.

I also have lots of rather old side-projects, personal and university work built in a variety of different languages and frameworks available to check out too! If you're interested to see them, just ask!

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me regarding any contract work, have any feedback or just generally want to chat then I'm available through a variety of social media platforms!